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Remarriage After Divorce?

Question : I was married to a non believer for 17yrs, I had always believed in God, but was unaware of the born again experience an in receiving Jesus until after I divorced. I remarried a much younger man, we are both Christian, I fear where it says if one remarries, makes the partner an adulterer.

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Why is it that if we sin we will die?

Why is it that if we sin we will die? I searched for verses to answer that question and after searching I have come up with the idea that it might not be sin itself but the Knowledge of good and evil that causes us to die. Gen. 7:17, Romans 7:13. So my question is: (before we are saved) is it our sins that actually causes us to die or is it obtaining the knowledge of good and evil that causes us to die? It is impossible for us to live without sinning. (Romans 3:23) So is it really the sin that causes us to die or is it the knowledge of the sin?


The Problem of an Evil World and a Good God

The Problem of Evil is a big deal and often goes misunderstood. The problem is “If God is good, how can he create a world that is so evil? How can evil exist with a good God?”

God's Passion

God Understands Suffering

Many people think God is so powerful that he cannot know suffering and sadness. While it is true that God is powerful, he can know suffering. Saying God can feel pain does not mean he is a weak god. Having feelings is not a weakness, it simply means He cares.


Evangelism, “How to”

Sharing the gospel takes guts, yet it is as simple as opening your mouth. Listen to Pastor Adam talk about how Paul reached out to King Agrippa, and find out what we can learn from his example.


Victory by Grace

Being set free through Christ’s grace means can know it is ours no matter what life brings. Nothing can separate us from the Grace of God!


Forgive, No Matter What?

Should christians require repentance before forgiving others, or should they always forgive no matter what?