Bible Knowledge

Obadiah/Did You Like My Book?

In heaven, you’ll have the chance to meet people from the bible, but what will you do when you meet Obadiah? Will Obadiah ask, “I was wondering… did you like my book?”

Imagine that you are in Heaven and are finally face to face with many of the characters of the Bible. Who do you want to meet? Maybe you would try to see St. Peter, or St. Paul, or one of the other characters you heard about in church.

In heaven, you’ll have the chance to meet them all, but what will you do when you meet Obadiah?

If you are like many Christians, perhaps the meeting will go like this:

“Hi, I’m Obadiah, how are you?”

“Hi, it is nice to meet you…” you answer, a little confused as to who this guy is. You start thinking back on sermons in church, trying to remember if the preacher ever mentioned him.

Obadiah will say, “I was wondering… did you like my book?”

You answer, “Your book?”

“Yeah, my book. How did you like my book? It was in the Bible, remember?”

“Oh, I am sorry,” you answer, unable to remember, “Refresh my memory, Ob-a…diah, what book did you write?”

“When I was on Earth, I was the prophet who wrote the book Obadiah. I was so excited that it made it in the Bible! Didn’t you read my book?”

“Forgive me Obadiah, but when I was on earth, I was so busy. I never had time to read your book.”

“You didn’t have time to read my book?” Obadiah answers, looking very confused.

Awkward silence follows, and finally he says, “Ok. Well, maybe you can read it now? I happen to have a copy right here.”

Out of his back pocket he hands you a single piece of paper titled, “Obadiah”. It only has twenty-one verses.

“Please let me know when you have time to read it,” he says as he smiles and walks away.

There is so much more in the Bible than you’ll ever hear in church. The best way to learn is to read it for yourself. Treat it like any other book, start on the first page and keep reading straight through.

If you are confused, don’t stop. Consider the confusion a part of a developing plot that has yet to reveal all of the answers. The confusion may be cleared up on the next page or even the next book.

We do not all have to be Bible experts. Anyone who reads to the end of the Bible knows that questions still arise. Having a perfect understanding may not be possible until we are in Heaven.

What really matters is that we allow the parts we can understand to bless us. Find out what those blessings are by reading the Bible for yourself.

Remember, Obadiah is not the only person who wants you to read his book. God is also hoping you’ll read His. It is His gift to us.